First Blog Post

So, This is what I am thinking …

Lobster Claw Pattern

I have long enjoyed the blog of a couple of women, and have always wanted to join them in the blogging universe….

I want to have a place to share and discuss, well, so many things…. And, this is in no particular order….. Decorating, Television and Movies, Music, Dogs, Travel, Volunteerism, Writing…. and Books, and Book Groups.

Holidays – I particularly enjoy decorating for Summer, St. Paddy’s, Halloween and Christmas. Clearly, from this posts photo – I love to quilt, and “work” very part time at a local sewing store, I do their Long arm quilting and their weekly newsletter.

But mostly, my life is about my family. I am interested in what everyone does to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries! What fun things do you do as parents and grandparents? What games do you play, both as a family and with your friends.

I am not particularly politically active, but, occasionally I am confused – and wonder what is happening…. I will get asked what I think of a particular event or situation that is happening in the political world, and quite frankly – I sometimes do not know what I am thinking until I talk with others about it. People have such good points, on both sides.