Hologram is such a unique pattern! I used the waves and pearls as a quilting pattern. (It is a very versatile quilting pattern…..!) (www.wasatchquilting.com)

Lobster Claw:

This is a foundation paper pieced pattern. The sashing is all quilted in a crosshatch.

Zipper Quilt:

I have made 3 of these little scrap quilts… well, they are not so little – perhaps a double bed size. It is a fun way to get rid of small scraps (2′ x 2″ and 2″ x 31/2″) I call it a “zipper” quilt. just looks like that to me… since I have put together 3 of these – and 2 of them have since gone to “new homes” (My daughter “stole” the first one…. always a compliment, when someone loves a creation you have made…. and I donated the second one to a raffle supporting a local historical building.) This is all by way of saying – I do not remember the quilting patterns I used…. I will be better about keeping track, now that I am figuring our how to use WordPress…. always learning….

Watermelon Quilt:

This is another scrap quilt – I was told that it looks like a watermelon – so this is the watermelon quilt! it is quilted in the Calligraphy quilting design. (www.mycreativestitches.net)

Vintage Dresses:

This quilt was so much fun to make! The dress fabric is Liberty London Tana Lawn… so pretty and delicate. The only place in the US to purchase Liberty London (at least right now) is www.duckadilly.com. The sashing is Grunge fabric. and the cute little ladies on the far outside are called – My Happy Place – it is a “decorator” fabric – so it is a little heavier than quilting cotton. I “think” I got them from Spoonflower via Etsy. Speaking of Etsy – I got the foundation piecing pattern for the dresses form there too, a shop called ChariseCreates. I used “50’s Dress Motif (www.intelligentquilting.com) and the outside border is quilted in “Feathered Swan” (www.urbanelementz.com) the bocks are quilted in a “wavy grid” on point, and the flowers are ProStitcher – Squared flower.

2 Color Bargello:

The 2 Color Bargello is such a unique way to create a quilt! It was very interesting to work our these instructions. Made with Tula Pink fabrics, and quilted in the Waves and Pearls pattern.


This quilt I made from a batik fat quarter pack I had. I sewed a simple set of blocks. I quilted it in a pattern called Paisley Feather from My Creative Stitches. (www.mycreativestitches.net)

Truck Panel:

I actually made several of these. This was a Hoffman Fabrics panel – they have (had) several different designs. I used an attic window design, that my girlfriend helped me create on her Electric Quilt software. I quilted them in 2 different kinds of quilting patterns. 1 was a spiderweb pattern (www.urbanelementz.com) and the other was an almost perfect vintage truck pattern (www.wasatchquilting.com)


This pattern is from The Quilters Paper Piecing Workbook…. This is actually my second one of this pattern. (I called the other one First Kiss…. because it was a wedding gift – but -the actual name is Luminesce.)

It came out a little more “hialloweenie” than I wanted – I quilted it with 2 blocks from Intelligent Quilting – One is called Bailee and the other is called “Dreaming of you”. They were a lot more “intense” than I thought they were going to be – I used 2 spools of Aurifil (a medium grey)!

The fabrics are a combination of scraps – stash and supplemental (I had to go buy stuff!)

Hummingbird Pillow:

You could make a whole quilt out of this Hummingbird pattern, but I decided I just needed a pillow – mostly because then I can keep it out for a couple of seasons, and still change our the quilts in the house. I purchased the pattern in a shop I had been in – but, don’t remember which shop…. (quilters will understand that – buying supplies, and quilting are 2 different hobbies, and sometimes it is hard to keep track! but you CAN buy the pattern from the designer : Hummingbird Pattern, but I again used the feathered Paisley quilting design.

Toil and Trouble

Officially this is a “Miss Winnie Designs – Toil and Trouble” pattern – I got at a local store – I was trying to showcase some glow in the dark fabrics from Timeless Treasures. Moon and Stars and Halloween. Unfortunately – these come and go out of stock with the seasons. The quilting pattern is “Fright Night” from Urban Elements. I think the ghosts look like Pac Man!

Hail Britainnia

This paper pieced Union Jack Flag quilt is another very fun pattern to do. I am not from England, but, am English, so, therefore, I am a little bit of an Anglophile.

The pattern is from, Mollie Sparkles – she provides a free Union Jack Pattern….. The fabric on the back is called appropriately enough, “London Calling” and it was purchased it from Amazon. It is a Spoonflower fabric, so it can be purchased there too. As I write this Amazon still has some. I quilted it in “Fanfare” from My Creative Stitches. Kind of gives it motion like its rippling in the breeze.

Bee Quilt:

I call this my bee quilt – because the fabric I used were all Bee themed. I just did a simple little “X” pattern… and then quilted it with “Busy Bees” from My Creative Stitches.

One Block Wonder

The pattern is from the One Block Wonders book. Made with Kaffe Fassett Brassica in Yellow. As with so many fabrics – I don’t know if it is still available or not. Now- don’t even ask me about the boarder. I did that piecemeal – how frustrating – I can’t even find my notes about it – but I do remember saying to myself that – “I hope no one asks for this pattern……” I used all quilting patterns that came with my Pro Stitcher on this one. It is so bright and cheery…. and this fabric really worked well for the one block wonder (some folks call this a “Stack and Whack” pattern).

I NEED TO FIND THE NAME FOR THIS ONE! This was my first attempt at paper piecing – and – it was with this quilt that I fell in love with paper piecing. I will add the rest of the information on this one – as I find it – The quilting would all have come from the field that came with my ProStitcher.

Luminesce – Take 2 – AKA First Kiss:

I made this quilt as a wedding present, and the people I made it for love music – so there is a variety of music fabrics miseducating into the plain greys, the white, the gold and the Tiffany blue. The quilting pattern is called “Music Mania” from Ann Bright

Hallo-Harvest. Night Flight:

Isn’t this a fun Halloween quilt. This was a boxed quilt kit from Moda – It is no longer available – I think their box sets like this sell out quickly… I purchased an adorable little bat from Anne Bright – to quilt on here- he comes as a single and you can manipulate him how ever you want to and the pattern comes out very cute and different each time….

Holiday Heartland:

Beautiful little Christmas Quilt with mitered borders. It was a kit – I am sorry to say – that this one sold out quickly – I quilted this with a “Signature Holly” Design from Anne Bright.

You Lucky Dog:

I love this pattern, it reminds me of our pup, who we adore. You can get all the patterns separately, or get the kit. Another ting about this kit, which is nice, all the little pieces are laser cut, which greatly speeds up the process, and they are much neater and tidier. I did a tiny little blanket stitch around each piece. Not only do I love that look, it will withstand a washing and it will keep this adorable quilt together! I used “Blooming Birds” quilting design from Willow Leaf Studios.

Atomic Starburst:

This pattern has been around for a while – and still seems to be one people like to make – because it is still available. Another fun one – great way to incorporate a colorful line of fabrics into a quilt. Again – I robbed my stash for my fabrics…. All the quilting on the piece was done with designs from my Pro Stitcher.

Arcadia Avenue:

More Stash Busting – Arcadia Avenue was another foundation paper piecing pattern. I just loved it – all the blocks are so different, and fun to do … The quilting designs – were- again – things that came with my ProStitcher.


This was a collaborative quilt – my husband got the pattern, and my daughter got the fabrics. It was such a nice gift. The hats and tops of the mushrooms are Grunge Dots. I used a mushroom design from Intelligent Quilting to quilt it.